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Want to turn your people into the strongest link in your organisation? Outsourcing cybersecurity with Bright® takes the burden off your shoulders, ensuring a measurable increase in security awareness and cyber-safe behaviour.

A consultant explains the benefits of outsourcing cybersecurity.
A consultant advises a team on the best strategies for outsourcing cybersecurity programs.

Outsource Cybersecurity

With decades of expertise, we, as cybersecurity experts, know how challenging it can be to maintain your organization's security on a tight budget. You have limited resources and yet a big responsibility. It's also challenging to find the best talent. Although technology plays a significant role, human error is still the root cause of over 85% of cyber assaults.

With our proven cybersecurity awareness approach, Bright®, our program managers take the load off your shoulders when outsourcing cybersecurity. Through the measurement of hazardous behaviour, staff training, proactive promotion of desired behaviour, and involvement of important stakeholders, we guarantee a quantifiable rise in security awareness and cyber-safe behaviour across your entire organisation.

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Bright® - Behavioural Risk Insights



We start with an inventory of the main business risks and the role of human behaviour in them. Along with all available data on your employees' behaviour, we document this in a baseline measurement.



Based on this cyber protection assessment, we collaboratively develop a customized security awareness plan. This plan includes relevant interventions and a communication plan for each target group. Stakeholders are actively involved and receive feedback based on relevant risks.



Bright® makes behavioural risks visible through data, allowing us to make timely and targeted adjustments. Unacceptable residual risks are adequately addressed with targeted behavioural changing campaigns.



We work with all organizational departments to create a sustainable culture of cybersecurity (security awareness). This ensures that everyone actively contributes to reducing risks, working on a more secure company.


What our clients say about us

Rene Bosman IT Manager VEBE

The communication and cooperation with Behaav is very nice. The program is personalised to what suits our organisation.

Photo of Patrick de Haan, IT-manager at Condor Group.
Patrick de Haan IT Manager Condor Group

Very satisfied with working with Behaav. Behaav ensures that our employees are well prepared for all safety challenges.

L.V. CIO Large listed multinational

We chose Behaav as our partner because of the dedicated focus on awareness and behaviour. We experience the partnership with Behaav as very flexible and of a high standard. 

Photo of Patrick Noordam, Information Architect & Security Officer at Rensa Family Company.
Patrick Noordam Information Architect & Security Officer
Rensa Family Company
The highly interactive crisis simulation provided us with valuable insights into the decision making processes during a crisis situation. Our team left with concrete ideas to improve our cyber crisis approach.

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Components Outsourcing Cybersecurity

Risk Analysis

The goal of any cybersecurity outsourcing program is to reduce the risk of human behaviour to an acceptable level. Therefore, the Bright® method starts with a risk analysis of all critical business processes. The identified risks are then translated into the program's objectives. This aligns the cybersecurity program with your organisation's goals and ensures it adds value.

The starting point of the cybersecurity program is determined by a baseline measurement. This is conducted through various surveys, tests, and simulations. These methods generate data that expresses and quantifies the state of awareness and risky behaviour.

Program and Stakeholder Management

When outsourcing cybersecurity, the Program Manager maintains frequent contact with various stakeholders.

Conversations with 'business' stakeholders provide insights into the specific risks affecting different parts of the organisation and enable us to continuously tailor the cybersecurity program to address these risks. Mutual feedback also ensures sustained support for the cybersecurity program, making it easily accepted by the entire organisation.

To reach different target groups as effectively as possible, communication is an essential part of the cybersecurity program. Therefore, a communication plan is developed and implemented in collaboration with the Communications department. See the ‘Communications’ section for more information on this topic.

Finally, the Program Manager ensures alignment between the cybersecurity program and HR/Learning & Development. Besides efficiency benefits from the shared use of existing systems, integrating cybersecurity with HR/L&D makes it an integral part of employees' professional development. This lowers the barrier for employees to learn, as it is not an additional requirement.


Team members only become engaged in information security when they understand why it is important. The 'why' is therefore more crucial than the 'what'. When outsourcing cybersecurity, Behaav utilises Simon Sinek's Golden Circle theory to shape the communication in the cybersecurity program. Communication always starts with 'why the topic is important'. Next, it explains 'how employees can help' and finally 'what is specifically expected'.

This communication is defined on two levels: at the organisational level and per target group. Communication for target groups is specifically tailored to their activities, making it relatable and recognisable. This approach fosters a sense of involvement and encourages people to take collective action.

Service Management

The Program Manager organises and leads regular meetings to discuss the progress of campaigns, evaluations of delivered services, improvement plans, and potential additions to the cybersecurity program.

Additionally, the Program Manager prepares reports on the maturity of the cybersecurity program, risk indicators, and any additional reporting requirements.

When outsourcing cybersecurity, the Program Manager also coordinates activities related to the delivered services, both internally within the client organisation and with external suppliers and partners, providing advice based on their expertise.