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Cybersecurity podcasts

As a security professional, do you want to stay informed in an informal way? Then listen to your hosts Melvin and Rudy. The perspective of the CISO is featured in the “Oh, Behaav!” cyber security podcast, and the viewpoint of security professionals is featured in the Cyber Ready cyber security podcast. Both are available on all platforms, in both audio and video formats.

Photo of Melvin Broersma and Rudy Spinola, hosts of two popular cyber security podcasts.

Oh, Behaav!

Ever wanted to peek into the security awareness practices of other companies? Melvin Broersma and Rudy Spinola interview prominent and less prominent security professionals about their approach, the challenges they face, and the clever tactics they use to succeed. In short, everything about cybersecurity and awareness in practice.

Cyber Ready

Are you cyber ready? With the help of experts, Melvin Broersma and Rudy Spinola interpret cyber news, follow interesting trends closely, and perform in-depth analyses in 30 minutes or less. Targeted at cyber professionals, this cyber security podcast covers a multitude of topics, from privacy to crisis management and from governance to cyber warfare.

Oh Behaav & Cyber Ready

We are offering more and more content in video format, including our podcast. Click on any of the thumbnails below to play the latest episodes of our podcasts. Looking for more episodes? Then check out our YouTube channel.

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