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Combine active participation through gamification with the risks from your daily practice to motivate your employees to protect your organisation against cyberattacks.

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Cybersecurity Workshops

People only truly engage with cybersecurity when they understand its impact on their own experiences. Whether in business or private life, the 'why' is always more important than the 'what'.

That’s why, in preparation for the cybersecurity workshop, we analyse the target group, their daily practices, and the risks they face using our Bright® method. We then translate this information into realistic scenarios, cases, and game elements that create a lasting impact.

After our cybersecurity workshops, your employees will be more alert and motivated to identify risks, adjust their behaviour, and prevent successful attacks.

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Our Bright® Cybersecurity Workshops


A successful phishing attack bypasses technical measures and grants the hacker direct access to the authorizations of the affected user, resulting in significant impact. Additionally, phishing attacks are inexpensive to execute and have a high success rate because many people fail to recognize the warning signs.

To help people identify attacks, report suspicious emails, and develop a habit of checking emails for phishing indicators, we have developed a cybersecurity workshop focused on phishing.

Our phishing workshop trains individuals to recognize and report phishing attacks by guiding them step-by-step through understanding the impact of a successful attack on the organisation and themselves, how phishing works, and how attacks can be identified and prevented. We apply the theory interactively to their own work processes through quizzes, case studies, and real-life stories from within your organisation. This approach enhances the learning effect and increases the likelihood of recognition. Ultimately, this leads to a safer digital work environment and a reduction in potential damage.


Successful ransomware attacks lead to the disruption of IT systems by encrypting systems and data. Both small and large organisations are affected daily, and it is currently the most significant cyber threat.

Well-prepared organisations experience far fewer negative consequences from an attack. However, even during a ransomware attack, there are technical, procedural, and organisational measures that you can take to mitigate the negative impact.

By understanding the impact of a ransomware attack, individuals become aware of the need to prepare and are motivated to act. Both elements—creating awareness and readiness to act—are addressed in our ransomware cybersecurity workshop. With tailored cases and interactive game elements, we ensure that employees actively contribute to increasing your organisation's protection.

Thinking Like a Hacker

The more information a hacker has, the more targeted his attack can be. In a highly digitalized world where no one has full control over their (personal) information, hackers can cause significant damage using advanced software.

Our hacking cybersecurity workshop teaches you to think like a hacker. By skilfully using publicly available information and accessible applications, employees are challenged to navigate fictitious scenarios as a hacker would. By understanding how hackers operate and experiencing the impact on the victim, employees become aware of the risks associated with their own behaviour. The combination of theory and practical application, along with the excitement of the cases, helps create employees who are motivated to adjust their behaviour and contribute valuably to a secure digital work environment.

Dealing with Personal Data

Organisations that process personal data are required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This mandates the implementation of measures to reduce the risk of data theft. The most common cause of data breaches is carelessness in handling personal data by employees. Therefore, training the individuals responsible for processing personal data is a crucial part of the measures to comply with the GDPR.

In this GDPR cybersecurity workshop, employees learn what personal data is—since this is not always clear—how to identify it, and how to protect it. The latter includes a clear personal element that is emphasized in this workshop. This leads to better compliance with the GDPR and reduces the risk of data breaches.


What our clients say about us

Rene Bosman IT Manager VEBE

The communication and cooperation with Behaav is very nice. The program is personalised to what suits our organisation.

Photo of Patrick de Haan, IT-manager at Condor Group.
Patrick de Haan IT Manager Condor Group

Very satisfied with working with Behaav. Behaav ensures that our employees are well prepared for all safety challenges.

L.V. CIO Large listed multinational

We chose Behaav as our partner because of the dedicated focus on awareness and behaviour. We experience the partnership with Behaav as very flexible and of a high standard. 

Photo of Patrick Noordam, Information Architect & Security Officer at Rensa Family Company.
Patrick Noordam Information Architect & Security Officer
Rensa Family Company
The highly interactive crisis simulation provided us with valuable insights into the decision making processes during a crisis situation. Our team left with concrete ideas to improve our cyber crisis approach.

Bright® Cybersecurity Workshops



We start with an inventory of the key business risks and the role of human behaviour in these risks. Based on past incidents, both from within and outside the organisation, we work with you to develop realistic scenarios to be applied in the cybersecurity workshop.


In preparation for the cybersecurity workshop, we collaboratively define the gamification elements. These can include quiz components, discussion points, or a pre-workshop simulation. The results from these activities are then used in the workshop to reinforce the theory with simulated situations from the recent experiences of the participants.



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